From making citronella candle buckets to producing full seat frames and structures with multiple wires, tubes, and welds was a path filled with growth in our capabilities.

We consistently seek new equipment, processes, and experienced team members to stimulate growth in our business. CNC benders, weld cells, custom tooling, and automation design are common in our core products. Our familiarity there allows us to offer expertise to customers and apply them to our product designs.

Beyond equipment, JR Manufacturing also emphasizes the importance of continuing education. Building our team member knowledge base is a huge asset for us.

CNC Bending

We are capable of wire and tube bending in a wide range of sizes. Our team creates products to specifications or helps design and build products from scratch.

Robotic Welding

We can deploy robotic welding to meet complex designs. These robots facilitate consistent production and automation.

Tool Fabrication

We can support production at any level of involvement with in-house design, toolroom, build, and integration capabilities.

Automation & Integration

We have the knowledge and experience to help automate or improve integration across many industries.


We achieve fast and high-quality results for finished products through our dedicated assembly and packaging teams.


We can make a wide range of prototype parts using in-house equipment. We also offer 3D printing along with virtual stress and fatigue testing through digital part design.

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